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Company debt collection, your specialist in successful debt collecting

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We prefer to first resolve any debt collection matters out of court. Our success rate for the collection of outstanding claims is an impressive 96.5%. Due to our many years of experience, however, in the event of promising collection cases we do not hesitate to take your open claim to court. We look at each case individually and carefully. This is one of our strengths and that is why we always find a solution with your debtors. 


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How we work


In Switzerland, we take care of debt collection for you across all stages of receivables management. Thanks to our international partner network, your open items do not stop at national borders. We have developed a successful process and network with experienced lawyers. We support you with orders for outstanding receivables and always ensure that the interests of creditors and debtors are protected. We work fairly, but also very consistently.

We also always aim to find a solution with the debtor first as there are many ways to get outstanding monies without great financial effort, especially if the debtor realizes that they cannot close the debt whilst it becomes more expensive day by day. We also believe that debtors should not be put in a situation where there is no way out. and It is better to work together and come to some affordable arrangement, such as payments by instalments.


Grant credit on an informed basis – protect yourself from non-payers and scammers. Check before you deliver against invoice. We can quickly check possible customers or business partners for you. This is how you are protected. Before delivery is made on account, the creditworthiness of the contractual partner should always be checked. With a credit check you ensure that you grant the (supplier) credit on an informed basis. In this way, you can check the payment reliability of a prospective contractual partner and protect yourself from non-payers and fraudsters. A creditworthiness check is a statement that describes how likely the prospective contractual partner will meet his obligations. In addition to the current economic situation, the willingness to pay is also assessed based on past transactions. With our network, we quickly know whether it is worth supplying a customer on account or not. We check the creditworthiness very carefully and do not sell you information that is only half reliable, as unfortunately many debt collection agencies do. If we're not sure, we will inform you about our assessment. You are important to us.

loss certificates

In the end when all admonitions, attempts and legal proceedings have been of no use and you "only" receive a loss certificate from your debtor, but no money - you probably wonder how to proceed and whether you can still get your money? We assess your chance of debt recovery and help you recover the debt. Our loss certificate experts and administrators know how you can still earn money from your losses. Benefit from our know-how and increase your chances of success. 

The most important advantages for you at a glance:

  • We assume all expenses, even if we are unsuccessful

  • We work commission-oriented, and commission only accrues in case of success

  • You pay no admission or monitoring fees

  • We use our expertise and network to monitor the debtor

  • You have a personal contact for all your loss certificate mandate

  • Contact us for an obligation free assessment of your debt loss and what we can do to help.


Why work with us?

Many years of experience in debt collection

Direct debtor contact

Specially trained employees

Over 350 happy customers

Simple cost overview

98.3% success rate


Ask us and you will see, we are

fair and have prices based on success.

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